Built Work

Boathouse for Columbia University - Models
2017  / Inwood, New York. Critic: Sarosh Anklesaria. In collaboration with Mandy Xie.

Model 1: park extension to roof

Model 2: sectional, representation of steel plate structure

The redesigning of Spuyten Duyvil Creek in 1936, along with the smoothing down of the Harlem River for trade purposes has turned the site into a major flood/disaster zone, making Inwood Hill Park prone to cycles of destruction. A large amount of forested area was destroyed as a result of this redesign. Therefore, we designed the boathouse as an extension of the park to memorialize what existed naturally and to act as a blockade against flooding. A long-spanning steel folded plate system constitutes the boathouse’s structure, integrates public roof programs, and merges the building with the landscape.